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Grossular Garnet
Grossular Garnet

Garnets Galore!

Welcome to the website of Bòcan Gealach the SilkPixie!

This site is designed to give inspiration and information for craftworkers and hobbyists, although we will accept commission work, we are happy to share a passion and pastime, of beads, gems, embroidery and history.

Travel with us through the historic courts of Europe, along the Silk Route to visit the bead makers of Venice, the gem miners of Asia, before reaching the sericulture areas of the Orient and returning to England to visit the cinemas and theatres of the early - mid 20th centuries.

Site updates are in progress to turn this from a commercial to a mainly reference site.

No need to log in or register, just browse and enjoy!!

What we offer:

  • Commission work welcome!
  • Information on gemstones
  • Tips on measurements for making jewellery/jewelry
  • Pantone Trends and Swarovski colours
  • Design ideas from historical portraits
  • Snippets of facts and folklore
  • *Coming Soon* a look at different antique, vintage and cotemporary beads
  • *Coming Soon* a comparison of different calendars
  • Sites of special interest

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