Welcome to the website of Bòcan Gealach the SilkPixie!

Specialising in embroidery, beadwork and jewellery design, inspired by two millennia and featuring the latest fashion colours!

Working with precious metals, silks, Swarovski® crystals, Bohemian and Venetian glass and gemstones, we proudly produce designs taken from historical portraits and old-time movies, giving them a modern twist by offering them in this season's colours, with trend forecasts by Pantone® and the latest Swarovski® colours and innovations.

Keeping abreast of the fashion scene and the tones anticipated for the coming seasons, we can produce items now which will be in vogue next year.

We also offer designs in classic colours in keeping with re-enactment requirements.

With 40 years needleworking experience and 25 years of jewelry-making.

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What we offer:

     ♦ Individually handcrafted items to order ♦ Commission work welcome! ♦ Information on gemstones ♦ Tips on measurements for making jewellery/jewelry ♦ Pantone trends and Swarovski colours ♦ Design ideas from historical portraits ♦ Character Dolls ♦ Traditionally-inspired embroidery (think Bayeux Tapestry, Opus Anglicanum) with poetry, pictures and quotes ♦ Snippets of facts and folklore ♦ A look at different antique, vintage and contemporary beads ♦ *Coming Soon* a comparison of different calendars ♦ Sites of special interest ♦ 

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